Even as we live through this troubled time, we plan for the future, as much as we can. We have no indication of when it will be possible to organize another edition of Pinkathon, with thousands of women, excitedly taking their first steps to fitness, but we hope that perhaps soon, events with smaller numbers of participants might be allowed. Which brings us to Pinkathon Day 2020 and the Ambassador Summit that precedes it. The Summit will be organized this year, that is the good news and the dates are 23rd and 24th of May. We are finalizing the online format that we will adopt, but what is nice is that many more Ambassadors will be able to attend, from the comfort of their homes! Registrations will start shortly on the Pinkathon website. There is also an exciting idea to have the Pinkathon Games online, so stay tuned for that. Whoever attended the Summit and Games last year will know it’s going to be amazing FUN!

Pinkathon will also be starting training sessions every morning on the Pinkathon Facebook page from 8 am to 9 am Monday to Friday!

And a special workshop for 6 weekends on the basics of fitness by K11 school of Fitness Sciences!

Nobody knows for sure what the post COVID-19 situation will be, it’s upto us to make it fantastic, and the Pinkathon team looks forward to working with the amazing Ambassadors of Pinkathon to open the doors to infinite possibility 🙂


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